'The journey of what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.'

~ Barbara de Angelis

About the Tango Quotient

Tango is drawing me to far-flung destinations in the world; some I have visited in a pre-tango era and others that were never even on my wish list.   As I travel the world indulging my wanderlust spirit and feeding my passions I realize that tango provides for a more immersive experience than a typical travel experience.  

I am frequently asked about the festivals, marathons and countries I have visited so I have created this forum to share my insights with fellow tangueros and adventurers. 

Each one of us creates our own unique experience – this is just a snapshot of mine.

A Brief History

I discovered tango when pretty much everything around me was falling away.  Everything that had ever defined me was crashing down and to say I was feeling lost would be putting it mildly. 

What next?  Well I took a forced sabbatical of sorts and decided I would spend a few months dancing my way through South America.  I landed in Buenos Aires and didn’t get much further.  That was it; I was enthralled.  I returned to the birthplace of tango 3 times in less than 18 months (all the way from Sydney!) staying 4-5 weeks each time for intensive tango and Spanish classes.

It sounds dreamy- it wasn’t entirely!  It was a raw and confronting time. Tango in itself has a great therapeutic effect; it cultivates a higher level of awareness of the mind body connection. I believe the way we connect or the way we lead or follow is a reflection of our social, emotional and mental status. Tango has been a spiritual journey for me, a form of coming home to self.   It’s not a new story, but it is mine.

I feel so very blessed that more recently I have met an equally enthusiastic tango soul with whom I am sharing a journey of exploration and discovering more layers of this beautifully soulful expression.

Shared moments with my tango partner
Photo Credits:  Julie Bunyard, Hobart Festival; David Storm, Bundanoon; Ana Temblador, Brussels Festival
Photo Credit: Maria Johnson
Photo Credit:  Maria Johnson, Port Macquarie Festival